In Memory Of: (J)
A Pet's Memory 
Pet Funeral Home and Crematory, LLC 
1520 28th Street Gulfport, MS 39501
June 15,1995-December 17,2010
"Jazz, when they called to say, "The puppies are ready to go...come choose yours." I zoomed to your house, layed on the floor to better see y'all and you stumbled from the litter and ducked into my tank top. LOL. You chose me!
Throughout our 15 yrs 6mo and 2 days together....I would tell people, "Oh, she's potty trained" and you would pee pee on their carpet. I said, "She won't jump out of the window" and you jumped out the drivers window of our moving car in the parking lot. 
I said, "She doesn't need to be crated, she'll be fine." In all the times I left you home alone (uncrated) you've eaten: Blue jeans, socks, a Timberland Boot, Underwear and killed many bathroom trash cans! For all of that...A co-worker (teasingly) slapped my leg and you left teeth marks in his workboot, defending me. We shared candles and blankets in a three day power outage in the middle of winter. We danced together, played hide and seek, you would break out of the back yard fence only to sit on the front porch by the door. 
Thank you for the Love, Anger, Laughter and Tears. I pray that you're happy and will miss you dearly until we meet again. 
Vickie Ozenghar and Michele Cwenar
Gulfport, MS 
November 8, 2009-March 5,2011
"Our special gift. Loved always and forever. 
Jax you brought us all so much happiness. 
You were the best snuggle bear and friend. 
You will be missed and never forgotten. 
          Gresham and Hall Family
Ocean Springs, MS 
March 14,2005-June 12,2011
"Jazzmyn was the "Light of my Life".  
I knew without a doubt that she was there for me at all times. 
Our love for each other was shown every day of her life. 
She will always be in my heart. 
Thank you God for giving me the time with my sweet Jazzmyn. 
I will always be grateful and honored to have been in her life. 
I Love and Miss you my Sweet  Baby Jazz...
Marti Broussard
    Pass Christian, MS 
August 1,2005-July 1,2011
"My boy Jester. 
The most loving, playful buddy 
I've ever had the pleasure to have in my life. 
He was my angel!"
    Tom Pendley
Biloxi, MS 
January 13,2000-May 7,2012
"Rest in peace, my sweet baby boy-
you were my heart and soul and truest companion-
I will love and miss you every moment of my life
 until we meet again on the Rainbow Bridge!
I will be looking for you and my heart will leap for joy!"
Janice Coari
Gulfport, MS/New Orleans, LA 
April 5,1997-June 4,2013
"Our "Jockymon" were with us for 15 years! 
What a gift God sent us for so many years. We had so many great years. 
You were the best brother your twin sisters could have wished for. 
You gave us unconditional love every single day. 
There was never a day that the sun rose that you did not greet everyone
with a golden smile and a tail out of control. 
We will think of you and miss you every single day of our lives. 
Thanks for being the greatest dog ever!"
The Leatherman Family
Gulfport, MS 
September 24,2007-August 27,2015
"To our sweet babyy Jack we want to thank you, 
thank you, thank you for everything you have done for our family!
You have been a truly wonderful kiss for God 
that we forever remember and cherish! 
Our lives have been changed forever because of your love! 
Love love love from Mommy, Daddy and Mihaeli! 

Vasili Miranda Mihaeli Mantikos
Kenner, LA 
August 3,2003-August 18,2016
"I just want her to not be in pain any more 
and have all the chicken and French fries she could eat. 
Be happy my baby girl
Mom will always love you."

Deedee Cooley

Gulfport, MS 

February 14,2003-December 8,2017 
"Junior was a clown cat, fearless of large dogs; he looked to the sky at birds, and now he's with the angels. 
He's greatly missed! 
Mom, Dad, & Toshia Byrd
Gulfport, MS 

January 1,2007-October 12,2018
"You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten! 
You are now cancer free, 
and will always have a special place in our hearts!!

Richard & Martha Coyne
Gulfport, MS 
January 11, 2009-June 19,2020
Jake you were my best friend. 
My companion. My everything. 
When you left you took a big piece of my heart 
that will never be filled. 
I loved you more than life itself. 
You stuck by my side through thick and thin 
and gave me unconditional love. 
I will miss you everyday of my life. 
I hope your having fun up there buddy. 
Till we meet again.......

Renee Fleury
Dauphin Island, Al