In Memory Of: (T)
A Pet's Memory 
Pet Funeral Home and Crematory, LLC
1520 28th Street, Gulfport, MS 39501
December 1,2002-October 14, 2010
"Arctic Trapper of Matanuska
Born in Alaska and traveled with his loving family 
all around the country. 
Such a sweet and loyal friend.

May you always have a newspaper to fetch in the driveway and a tennis ball flying through the air for you to catch. 
We will miss you our big guy."

                              Tom, Erin, Jordan & Adam Cimenski
Ocean Springs, MS 

March 25,1993-April 7,2011
"We had our beautiful 18 year old Siamese, 
Tiffany for 18 wonderful years-& we miss her so much!
Thanks for the kind & compassionate care you gave her at the end."
              Beth & Terry Joffrion
Gulfport, MS 
October 8,1997-August 15,2011
"Today was the hardest day of my life. 
We buried our friend and companion of 13+ years.
We love you Taz....mama and daddy"
Renee Verrua
         Pass Christian, MS 
July 15,1993-June 15,2011
"Goodbye, My little Tiger. 
You were my friend and my help in lonely times.
I will miss you, and so will all my family. 
Rest peacefully little Buddy."
          Timothy Krause
 Biloxi, MS 
July 1,2003-July 26,2011
"Thumper was just like one of our children. 
She went everywhere with us and did everything.
She loved to ride in her trailer behind my Harley trike 
and I so miss having her behind me in her trailer. 
We both still miss her so much.
One day little girl we hope to see you again.
I pray you are healthy and waiting for which ever of us leaves this good earth first.
We will be looking for you. 

Sandy & Mike Robinson
Gulfport, MS 
October 31,2003-October 5,2011
Mommy wishes she could have walked you to God
instead of you walking alone. 
Thank you to 'A Pet's Memory', for all your wonderful help."
James, Cynthia & Toshia Byrd
Gulfport, MS 
May 16,1996-December 21,2011
"To Tiger from Momma and Daddy, 
We will always have you in our hearts and memories.
We will miss seeing you rub on the nearest bush or tree or any clothes hanging and the way you'd be embarrassed when you were caught.
The way you would greet us with the howl when we came home or when Daddy and I were loving each other and you wanted your share!
I know you are up in the big blue sky 
chasing your rats and possums to your hearts content.  

This wasn't easy to decide and really wasn't easy to go through with buy my dear we will be with you again one day!
We also sent your Snoopy toy with you for his normal bathing!
You have given us 15 years of joy 
and many others who were involved in your life.  
Grandma says to tell you she loves you and so did grandpa!
Until we meet again my girl.....Love Momma and Daddy!

Amanda Cuevas
Gulfport, MS 
Toby Shackleford
January 1,1996-August 12,2011
"Toby, miniature Greyhound 15 years old.
Toby spent his days being the boss...
he was very good at it too....
he is missed each day..."
Mom & Dad Shack
Tasha Danyel Buettner
November 5,2001-May 31,2012
"Tasha was my joy. She was just a bundle of love. 
She was quite the character 
loved to play tug of war with mommy and fetch with daddy. 
She was always with me walking, napping, watching t.v., 
she just loved being with me. 
She did this hop skip jump thing when she wanted your attention
to throw her the ball or to play.
I miss her so much. 
I love you doodle bug. 
Kathryn Buettner
Vancleave, MS 
March 8,2006-January 5,2013
 No one will know how much I miss you.
Love ya Bubba"
Robert Raab
Gautier, MS 

July 15,2003-January 23,2013
"So much more then a pet!
A family member. 
Life will never be the same!!
But I know she's at 
rainbow bridge waiting on me."
Bonnie & Gregg Venable
Gulfport, MS 
March 11,2011-March 17,2013
"Turtle was mine and her sister Cocoa's happiness.
She was intelligent, loving, loyal, mischievous, and no gerbil  can replace her to me and Cocoa. 
Gulfport, MS  
November 5,1998-April 29,2013
"He was a true friend and companion.
His happy and up-beat mood was always ready to lift spirits and show the way to a joy filled day.
We remember him with joy and happiness."
Bill Price
Pass Christian, MS 
December 16,2000-March 10,2014
"Our sweet little man, our good boy. 
You were unique inside and out and you were taken away from us far too soon. 
Mommy, Daddy, Bailey & Fleur love and miss you immensely. 
Thank you for your companionship and unconditional love."
Chris Sunseri & Jennie Lipsher 
Gulfport, MS 

January 15,2000-April 21,2014
"RIP Toby Bear
Sadly missed and loved always 
by mom, dad and brothers
both humans and fur babies."
Tina McDonald
St.Martin, MS 

August 1,2003-November 16,2013
"We miss our Toby so much, 
he was so sweet and wonderful. 
Forever in our hearts."
Paul & Evelyn Brunelle
Long Beach, MS 
July 13,2014-September 29,2014
"Thor was only with us for 3 weeks
he was so lovable and he will be missed.
Forever in our hearts."
Paul & Evelyn Brunelle
Long Beach, MS 
June 12,2009-December 31,2015
"Teddy was like a child to me and was very loyal. 
He will always be in my heart and loved like no other. 
RIP my Teddy Man!"

Susan Graham
Bay Saint Louis, MS 
October 4,2009-July 9,2017
"I want to thank A Pet's Memory. 
My Tiffy was an amazing fur kitty.
She knew when I needed her mom. 
17 years of her life was spent with us.
I will miss her greatly! 

Jennifer Sawlsville
D'Iberville, MS 
Tyisha Green
July 11, 2010-November 24,2021
"Hi my name is Tyisha Green. 
I was a fur baby and emotional support for my mom. 
I was battling congestive heart failure 
and sadly the day before Thanksgiving I lost my battle 
and crossed the rainbow bridge."

Caitlin Green

Bay St Louis, MS 
Trixie (Molly) 
April 8, 2008- April 25, 2023
"Her name was Molly when I got her. 
I adopted her son first. He had to be put down a year ago. She was 15 or 16. I will miss her. 
At the end we called her Mommy. 
She fought a good fight. I was carrying her to use it out side at the end. I love my baby girl. 
When I brought her home when I adopted her son. She would jump down off the bed and go check on her son which my daughter had. She did it bout 3 times. 
She was so happy. 
She will be missed and loved."

Susan Campbell

West Monroe, LA