In Memory Of: (B)
A Pet's Memory 
Pet Funeral Home and Crematory, LLC.  
1520 28th Street Gulfport, MS 39501
April 15, 2001-July 7, 2010
Barkley, our beloved bloodhound and faithful companion. A big guy with a gentle soul. He touched our hearts and will be deeply missed and forever loved. 

Lisa and Peter, Gulfport, MS

September 3, 1999-July 28, 2010
"He Loved making friends-the most gentle soul you'd ever meet!
He loved to travel-from the mountains to the beach!
He loved to eat-his favorites were his sweet potato treats!
He loved his family-his faithfulness will never be beat!

He brought a smile to everyone around him. Our hearts ache. We miss him so. 
We will see you again one day, Mr. Precious!
We will see you again one day, my special boy." 
Catherine and Rick Chernecky, 
Ocean Springs, MS
August 10, 1995-August 11, 2010
"He will always be loved in our memories. 
Browser lived a long and healthy and most of all LOVED life by his family. 
We miss you Browser." 
Scott Dues and Family, 
       Biloxi, MS

September 1,2000-November 19, 2010 
"Bugsy was a rescue dog, he was adopted in Sept 2000. 
He quickly became part of the family. 
He will always have a special place in our hearts".

Greg & Jamie Werda
  Gulfport, MS 
June 1,2000-November 29,2010
"Billy (aka Little Bill) was adopted from the HSSM. 
At the time his age was estimated to be between 7-9 years old. 
We had 11 good years with him. 
But old age, numerous health issues 
and the loss of his friend Bugsy was too much. 
He was part of our family,loved very much, 
and will be forever missed".
                                                           Greg & Jamie Werda
                                              Gulfport, MS 
June 1,2003-February 27,2011
You will be with me forever; your blankie and toys. I'll cherish every moment that I can remember. 
What a joker you could be; licking Grammy on the lips, and at times a little devil, running freely without your leash!
You ran like the wind on beaches and barked at every wave.  
Your spirit is everlasting: never shall you fade.
Sleep well little buddy."  
Marilyn Clark
        Diamondhead, MS 
"Bammy my baby, your brought life to my heart when I needed it most, sunshine to my day if it rained, and love to my soul when I was lost.  You provided counsel in your eyes, and understanding with your smile. 
May 12,1992-March 31,2011
"Bosey-the most loved cat in the world-wasn't a cat at all.  He was our baby that wore a fur coat. An extremely spoiled baby, he always got everything he wanted.  
Being playful all the way into his old age, he had more toys than he probably should have, but we just couldn't resist buying for him. 
He had beds under every window and blankets on every chair, but his favorite spot was on the rug at    
the back door in the sunshine...or sitting with us in his favorite living room chairs. 
He also liked his Purina snacks, but it was a real treat when he could get a little bit of deboned KFC chicken or Starkist tuna/juice. 
Bosey-our hearts ache as we miss you more than words can say and we will love you forever!!!"
                                                                                    Lisa Robbins & Mike Anderson
                                                                                    Biloxi, MS         
January 1, 1993-April 5,2011
"We are going to miss you so much Boots.
You were with us for over 
18 wonderful years. 
You always made people 
fall in love with you. 
Take care of Gramma Grace and 
Grampa Rudy now." 
         Duane, Janet, Kevin & Kiana Baker 
Biloxi, MS 
March 7, 1995-July 5, 2011
"I received Bumper when he was 5 weeks old from my husband to get himself out of the dog house. 
He loved Tennis balls, well all balls. 
He loved to play with children. 
He would chase birds and planes as though 
he was chasing them off or could catch them. 
He was our best friend and traveled all over with us. 
He lived to be older than most of our Grandkids. 
We all loved him and will miss him so much. 
We know he is in heaven with Pebbles now. 
We love and miss you" 
               Dan & Jan Newport
Biloxi, MS 
July 27, 1998-July 13,2011

"Baron, for 13 years your brought us laughter, 
a few scares (cliff jumping), 
and kept us feeling so safe and loved. 
We love you, your family."
Jimmy & Kerry 
     Pass Christian, MS 
December 13,2009-September 3,2011
"Brutyis you weren't on this earth for that long but, you were my best friend.  
I told you everything there was to know about me. 
When I was upset you would sit beside me and lick my tears away 
which slowly would make all my problems go away. 
I don't know what I'm gonna do without you but, 
all I know is that I'm gonna be happy and live my life to the fullest. 
Just the way you would of wanted me to live. 
You'll always be in my heart and I will forever miss you. 
I love you my beautiful baby boy!!"
Arianna Marks
   Long Beach, MS 
June 1, 1996-October 22,2011
"Dear Sweet Bo ("Ole Man")-
We are going to miss you so very much. 
You were such a special part of our family for 15 years. 
I'm going to miss making you pancakes-your favorite!
Justin and Jerald miss you terribly and will always love you.
Your brother Diddley misses you too.
You were Richard's "buddy", 
the boy's playmate and our family's protector. 
I know we will see your sweet face again one day-
until then remember our family will always love you."
Elizabeth Huffmaster
Saucier, MS 
April 8,2010-January 12,2012
"Butterbean will be missed!"
Lorraine Robinson
Gulfport, MS 
January 1,2010-February 4,2012
"Rest in peace, my furry little friend!
I love and miss you 
and you will be in my heart forever!!"
Silvia Bryant
Biloxi, MS 
April 9,2009-April 16,2012
"Loving a pet enough to put their needs before your own.
Christina Carroll
Biloxi, MS 
Baby Gateway
Passed-April 2,2012
"You wandered into the yard one day so long ago and jumped directly into our hearts. 
As the years passed you brought so much love into our lives 
and we tried not to face the thought of life without you. 
When it came time to say good bye, 
we tried to soften your loss by remembering all the wonderful times we had together.
We reach out for you every day and you'll always be here in our hearts and thoughts.
Good bye Baby Gateway"
Mommy & Daddy
Lawrence & Betty Monroe
Diamondhead, MS 
November 29,2011-June 21,2012
"Buddy wish you were physically here with us but God had other ideas!
You weren't just a pet, you were family 
and always will be!
Never got to take you on that first hunt but I am sure you will be there with me!
We will always love and miss you Buddy, 
have fun chasing the ball at the Rainbow Bridge
and see you there!"

P.S. Alexis says get the ball boy!

Richard & Patricia Slupski
Gulfport, MS 
Baby Gurl Williams
June 3,2005-August 11,2012
"My precious lil baby gurl, I got you when you were only 3 weeks old,
you taught me so much with our unconditional love you gave me for 7 years.
You have brought me so much happiness 
the times we had together will never be forgotten. 
"I love you my baby gurl" 
  Aline Williams
Wiggins, MS 

Buddy D.
February 2,2000-July 26,2012
"Buddy was our baby for 12 years.....
He was so spoiled and loved...
We miss him so much....
R.I.P My Buddy
Dianne A. Necaise
Kiln, MS 
January 11,2000-December 20,2012
"Boomer was my "Happy Boy"
he was always smiling.
I miss him so much.
Be a good boy until I see you again". 
Barbara Turan
Gulfport, MS 
November 1,1998-December 30,2012
"Thanks for the comfort, love, and loyalty my heart.
Til we meet again at the rainbow bridge.
In my heart forever:)"
Wilce Gilbert
Bay St. Louis, MS 

Betti Boop-Zee Jean Provost-Woodward
July 7,2010-December 1,2012
"Betti Boop-Zee was our little angel 
and has been touched by the hands of GOD...
We miss you and love you very much Betti Boop-Zee."
Evelyn Provost and Wanda Woodward
Gulfport, MS 
October 15,2001-March 14,2013
"Thank you my sweet Baylee for always watching out for us, 
for your unconditional love, and friendship.
You will always be in our hearts and never far away.
We love you with all we have.
You were a brave girl all the way to the end."
Tom & Lisa Goldberg
Biloxi, MS 
July 1,2001-February 9,2013
"Buster, You will live in my heart forever.
I only had you for 19 months
but I love you like I had you from birth.
Rodney Orduna
Gulfport, MS 
October 1,2000-May 13,2013
"Brando, we miss you so much. 
Until we meet again, know that you are loved 
and will never be forgotten."
Paula Rossetti
Diamondhead, MS 
September 12,2000-June 28,2013
"This weekend we lost the love of our life.  He was our world. 
We have no children of our own so he got all the attention and love and then some. 
We had him for 13 wonderful years 
and he was the kindest, gentlest soul you could ever meet. 
He was born deaf, but that didn't stop him from anything. 
He followed us everywhere we went, made every step we made. 
He would greet us with those ears slicked back and that tail wagging.
You could have the worse day ever and he would always make it better. 
Then he became really sick and we had to be unselfish, and be there for him. 
I didn't want to let him go or leave him. 
That had to be the most heart-wrenching thing we've ever done.
We miss him terribly and feel lost, empty, and soooooo soooo sad. 
He was the best boy and there will never be another like him."

Angie & James Kistler
Biloxi, MS 

August 15,1999-May 29,2014
"I miss you "BIGGUN"
Amanda Plitt
Gulfport, MS 
February 10,2013-June 3,2014
"To our best friend who made us smile and warmed our hearts!
Miss you lil man!"
Long Beach, MS 
Buster (Boo Bug) Hocquard
October 1,2002-July 29,2014
"We miss you so much Buster Boo Bug!
We love youu so much!
We will see you again someday our sweet Baby Boy!:-)
Ray & Becky Hocquard
Wiggins, MS 
December 11,2010-February 10,2014
"Booger, we saw you online and knew that we had to have you. 
You were meant to be with us 
and we were so lucky to have saved you. 
Knowing you and Zilla are together again, 
we know you are at peace running and rolling around 
with no cry of those painful hips again. 
We miss you girl."
Jason & Beth Ladnier 
Moss Point, MS 

November 1,2000-November 25,2014
"Bumper, you gave us unconditional love for 14 years. 
I can still hear you meowing each morning for your breakfast.
We miss & love you so much. 
Mom,, Dad, Jazz, Pepe & Casper

Joan Gosnell
Gulfport, MS 

November 28,1999-January 30,2015
"As I kissed his head for the last time I said,  
"See, I told you, 
you would always be my dog!".

Rest in peace, Doodle Bug! I love you!

Ellen Maddox
Biloxi, MS  
January 26,2003-November 3,2015
"Sweet Buddy-pure-unconditional love
rest in peace with your Daddy.
I know you two are having a heavenly time 
reunited once again." 

Helen Ferguson 
Biloxi, MS 
Bella "booboo"
March 6,2008-May 20,2016
"A wonderful friend. 
She lives now in our hearts.
We will never forget the love you shared with us.
You belong to God now. 
Love you.

Tracy & Chris Jones

Picayune, MS 

January 16,2001-June 10,2016
"Baby girl I can miss you so much.
Please save a place for me."

Gulfport, MS 

Babee Doe
August 8,2002-March 20,2017
"I'm missing you, my little baby girl. 
You have been my heart but I also understand that it was time to let you go. 
I feel some comfort in knowing that you are now with Boomer, Lil Bit and Maxine 
just waiting for me to come get you and I will hold all of you again. 

Barbara Turan
Gulfport, MS 
January 1,2005-October 3,2017
"You were our faithful companion 
and BEST friend for nearly 13 precious years. 
We love you and will miss you forever, sweet Boo! 

Duke H. Bruce
Gulfport, MS 
September 1,2007-October 16,2017
"To our Beloved Companion (Bear), My little friend buddy 
you will always be in our heart's and mind. 
We understand that even God's little angels are called home as we all will be. Thank you for your presence in our lives. 
You brought us joy and happiness. WE MISS YOU!!!"

Charles & Jamie Jablonski
Pascagoula, MS 
Buddy Woo
May 26,2005-October 10,2017
"My baby boy Buddy. Mamma misses you so much it hurts. 
A part of me is missing. 
Your pure soul, never ending love and loyalty 
made me grow as a human 
and become a better companion to you and caretaker. 
You melted my once stone cold heart. 
Now my heart is torn in half. 
I look forward to the day we meet again. 
While time drags for me it will be fast for you. 
You are a good boy Buddy and mamma loves you. 
Till we meet again."
Theresa Burk
Biloxi, MS 
March 17,2011-November 28,2018
"In memory of our precious Barney...
You were the best thing to come out of Perry County. 
I saw your picture and instantly loved you. 
After springing you from that awful shelter 
you jumped in the car with me like we were old pals. 
You made yourself comfortable on the front seat scratching your back on my seat & growling playfully. 
I had a box of treats for you & as I was driving you helped yourself. You stole treats & stole my heart. 
You'll always be in our hearts and irreplaceable, 
we miss you so much! 

Ocean Springs, MS   
Blackie Bear Nickels
October 3,2002-March 20,2019
"BLACKIE went through it all, hurricanes, tornadoes, the loss of family and friends, hardships, struggles, fights then all the happy times. 
He lived a life sweet Blackie boy!!! 
I will never ever stop loving him??? 
He brought so much joy and happiness to us. 
We will forever miss him!" 
Raquel Nickels
Gulfport, MS 
September 21,2006-December 28,2018
"BUDDY.....My baby boy. He was a most special boy to me. 
I needed him more than I realized. 
His damaged heart couldn't keep up 
with his happy personality and zest for life. 
He was loved by all who knew him. 
Always in my heart. Run free baby!"

Crystal Evans 
Gulfport, MS 
January 1,2011-June 17,2019 
"We miss you so-so much little buddy! 
There will never be another like you. 
 I hope there is lots of water for you to play in 
and little bugs and shadows for you to chase.
I hope you still get to sneak a bite of pizza on Friday nights. 
We will never ever forget you little guy." 

Jacob & Karen Cox
Gulfport, MS 
September 3,2006-July 17,2020
"Our baby Belle was a great, friendly
 and spunky little girl from day one. 
She was already to play, 
loved babies and her people. 
She lived a long great life 
and gave us so much love. 
We miss her every day." 

Shania & Chris Melton
Ocean Springs, MS 

October 1,2013-December 10,2020
"Buddy was a huge part of our family. 
He was our baby. 
Words can't describe the grief we feel 
with losing him so suddenly. 
He loved his mommy the most 
and he never left my side. 
He loved to be held 
and sleep right up against mom. 
He has left a huge whole in our hearts." 

Shania & Chris Melton
Ocean Springs, MS 
Bebe Texas Bene 
January 23, 2007- July 15, 2021 
Daddy's girl & Momma's baby. 
We love you so much. 
You were Daddy's confidante & shadow.
Jersey misses you too. 
We will always miss you."

Cindy Bene
Pearlington, MS 

Bella Marie 
December 31, 2007 - June 9, 2022 
"Bella may you Rest In Peace. 
You were loved beyond words, 
you'll be missed forever." 

Eva Lake
Ocean Springs, MS 
March 27, 2006 - July 9, 2022
"Our beloved Bernie, B-Dog, Bobo....
you were our faithful boy for 16 years."

Tommy and Angel Greenhill
Amory, MS 

.August 13, 2011 - September 7, 2023
"Bella was our baby girl. 

Erik & Patsy Maloney

Long Beach, MS 
July 18, 2011 - July 2, 2023
"In loving memory of my sweet, beautiful Brandy...
Mama misses you terribly, baby, 
Run free over the Rainbow Bridge, my love."

Kristah Alcaraz 

Long Beach, MS 
September 19, 2007 - April 29, 2023
"She came to our family during a period of mourning. 
Our Shitz-hi, Vader, recently passed. 
Baby was a happy little puppy, also a Shitz-hu, and was always a cute, playful girl, and was with us for 15 & 1/2 years before she passed after a brief illness. 
When I took her in for cremation, she was waiting for me as I walked in the waiting room-a ceramic figurine, same size, color markings, but a puppy again, and I ordered one, it now sits in her bed, next to her ashes, looking at me, and it often throws me, many moments it seems she's still home, looking at me! But, I feel I'm supposed to walk or feed or water her,
 realize she's gone, and I still miss her. 
She was a good little girl, and much loved, 
and I think she had a good and happy life. 
Be a good girl, Baby-Dog, 
Mom and Dad miss & love you.....

Delbert & Katherine LaSure

Bay St. Louis, MS