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In Memory Of (C)
December 25,1992-August 9, 2010
"Our Dear Sweet Baby.  
We miss and long for you. Eighteen+ years of love, faithfulness, kisses, play and travel grew intense, passionate, and everlasting bond among us. 
You lived to make us happy-and you did. You blessed and gave purpose to our lives. You fought hard to stay; we wanted you to stay. The Gatekeeper of Rainbow Bridge called your name-it was time for you to go. 
We will never forget. We will see you again. Mom and Dad"
Terry and Kay Jackson
                  Gulfport, MS

October 31-1991-September 14, 2010
"Caboodle was our calico cat that spent 19 wonderful years with our family! 
She will always be loved and missed!
Rest in peace!"
Lindsay Collum
    Gulfport, MS 
March 14,2000-January 5,2010
"My sweet teddy bear dog, I love you so much, 
you will always be with me, by my side, in my heart and mind. 
You have been and always will be my little girl, 
my best friend, protector, and angel. 
I hope that you will now have peace, 
and that you will be waiting for me when my times. 
Thank you for being there for me and for loving me unconditionally, 
the way I love you still today. 
I'll be seeing you little Nuff." 
Michelle Russell
                                                       Gulfport, MS  
March 8, 1994-November 24,2006
"We got CB in Hawaii for me when my husband was on deployment to keep me company. I had always had a cat all my life. 
CB like Dakota was a well traveled "Navy Brat" feline. He was Hawaiian to FL, CO, ME, MS, Co after Katrina and back to MS. 
He was quiet but playful as a baby and loveable with age. He was a quiet male calico that could go anywhere and be a good cat. He was 13 when he had to be put down due to injury. 
We miss him." 
Amy Pressley
Waveland, MS 
September 14,1994-April 9,2011
"Cassiopeia my precious little star...I have been blessed to have you in my life for over 16 years. 
Now I give you back to the heavens and stars..
Mommy misses you terribly but know your circle is complete and 
I thank you for letting me be a part of your life.  
Rest my sweet little one."
        Suzette Fitzgerald
Gulfport, MS 
October 31,2000-April 10,2011
We love you and miss you. 
Beth Veillon
            Diamondhead, MS 
April 1, 1997-May 24, 2011
"Our Little Copper 
We Loved You." 
Bill & Sharon DeMalade
Ocean Springs, MS 
January 12,2004-July 4,2011
"My best friend closed her eyes last night, 
As her head was in my hand. 
I knew she was in pain, 
and it was hard for her to stand. 
The thoughts that scurried through my head, 
As I cradled her in my arms. 
Were of her younger, puppy years, 
And Oh...her many charms. 
Today, there was no gentle nudge
With an intense "I love you gaze", 
Only a heart that's filled with tears
Remembering our joy filled days. 
But an Angel just appeared to me, 
And he said, "You should cry no more, 
GOD also loves our canine friends, He's installed a 'doggy-door'!!!
We love you, miss you, and will be looking for you when it's our time."
   Heather Rapier
Gulfport, MS  
September 1,2001-December 15,2011
"We will miss you so much little man...you brought us so much joy!
You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten!

Alice & Dave Curtis
Biloxi, MS 

February 1,1999-March 17,2012
"Chewey dog", 
We miss you so much.
You were loved by many 
& brought so much joy to our family for 13 years. 
You will never be forgotten.
Love, Mama."
Lindsey Hoda
Gulfport, MS 

October 18,2012-December 31,2012
"Loved so much and missed immensely. 
Such a smart, sweet baby."
Cheryl and Martha Rasbury
Wiggins, MS 
Charlotte Marie
March 12,2008-July 1,2013
"We lost our beloved Golden Retriever 
way too soon, 
she just turned 5, 
was diagnosed with Lymphoma
3 months to the day she passed."

Becky & Hal Lamoreaux
Biloxi, MS 

January 1,2001-June 29,2013
"We love you sweet Chloe girl. 
You are such a brave fighter through all that life threw at you. 
We miss you so much but you knew it was time. 
Some day we will see you again!"

Mark & Diane Stevens
Ocean Springs, MS 
October 17,1997-February 14,2014
"Cecelia was our baby for so very long; 
she is and will be missed. 
Cecelia go to Rainbow Bridge and wait for Mommy."
Elizabeth Smith
Long Beach, MS 
February 18,2000-May 17,2014
"You were the best little girl. 
Our pokey, little weezie pup. 
My little Sous chef. 
We miss you."
Fran & Sue Minnehan
Gulfport, MS 
March 5,2013-September 8,2014
"Charlie, you will never be forgotten, 
you are the sweetest baby ever, 
just keep sticking that tongue out and playing in heaven...
We love and miss you, 
momma, daddy, and all your furry brothers and sisters 
and human brother and sister."
Lyn Dosher
Pascagoula, MS  
January 1,2003-September 16,2014
"To our good Girl: Not only did you travel across the world with us, you meant the world to us.
We didn't realize how lucky we were when you chose us.
You loved camping, beaches, and road trips; 
things that included the whole family 
and you always kept us safe!
Thank you Girl, together forever....
Your family Mike, Sonja, Kat & Dyl
Michael & Sonja Sturman
Diamondhead, MS 

March 1,1992-November 7,2014
"We knew you were tiring out, 
watching you grow weaker and lighter.
Your struggles to purr and breath 
let us know a heartbreak was on it's way.
You were with us so very long.
I thank you "CowBunny" 
for every tear you turned into a smile.
We went through so much together.
Thank you for every purr.
Spoiled and loved, you were so much."
Jason & Beth Ladnier
Moss Point, MS 
Cozmo's Happy Daze
January 13,2004-December 31,2014
Mama's protector and Daddy's little man; 
forever in our hearts. 

Cathy & Sean O'Neill
Biloxi, MS 
May 27,1997-March 13,2015
Your time on earth seemed all too brief 
because I wanted you in my life forever. 
Although I miss you, in my heart 
I know that you are at peace now. 
All I think about is missing my sweet baby,
 and how empty the house seems without you. 
It broke my heart to see you go. 
You didn't go alone, for a part of me went with you. I'm thankful for all the unconditional love you showed me and all the memories tooo, 
as they are a comfort when I think of you!!!! 
Your brother Fred misses you too, 
as he has not said a single word since you went to heaven...

Pat & Michael Aston
Ocean Springs, MS 
October 1,2003-May 29,2016
"Chopper you were loved greatly and will be missed greatly.
Love your human mom and bully sister Chinook."

Diane Moore
Biloxi, MS 
June 19,2003-March 12,2019
"Tough cat, played hard but very loving.
 Always wanted to make you his friend. 
He had a great life, he didn't get cheated. 
He will be missed."

Robert & Cindy Grefe
Vancleave, MS