In Memory Of: (G) 
A Pet's Memory 
Pet Funeral Home and Crematory, LLC.
1520 28th Street Gulfport, MS 39501
May 1, 1989-July 17, 2010
Nicknames: Beauty-Queen.....Gidge-Kitty.....Texas-Tech....Empress-Dowager 
"21 years of joy, now a world of love and memories remains. 
The holes in our hearts will become your special place." 
Jim & Suzanne Gaut 
Gulfport, MS 
November 12,2004-January 8,2010
"Gotti, died January 8,2010. 
He was an amazing part of our family for seven years. 
He will be missed and always remember how deeply, he has touched our hearts. 
                      Beverly & Johnny Terrell
Gautier, MS 
January 1, 1997-February 18,2011

"Deputy Gator was a beloved partner and friend.

Forever fight crime and 
guarding Heavens Gate". 

Ray Miller
Gulfport, MS  
March 1,1992-January 1,2011
"You shared everything with everyone, were so happy all the time. 
You left a hole in our souls that we will never fill but we feel you are near."
                                                                Lori Hall
                                                                                   Ocean Springs, MS  
August 5,1989-October 25,2011
"You had always been there for as long as I can remember. 
You seemed immortal, as though time could not touch you.
Always outside hunting as though you were still a young cat.
You were always such a sweet kitty.
I will always love and remember you."
      Ashleigh Booth
Biloxi, MS  
October 1,2006-January 12,2014
"George had this special way to touch everyone's life 
that came into his path. 
He showed the world an unconditional love 
that truly made me realize that he was an angel. 
His love will be missed beyond words."
Bonnie Wilson
Portland, Oregon
Girly Girl
August 1,2007-September 22,2014
"She was a found little puppy who had a rough life. 
We loved her very much as she loved us.
May the Lord heal her body and soul.
We all will be together again my dear little Girly Girl."
Charles & Jamie Jablonski
Pascagoula, MS 
Gracie (Grace Abounding Joy)
December 27,1999-November 15,2015
"Gracie, our first Papillon, was smart, 
loyal, loving and treasured.
We loved her deeply 
and will miss her always.
She'll live forever in our hearts." 

Katherine & George Smith

Clinton, TN 
December 1,2003-June 21,2020
"Gracie was with me for 16 long and hard years. 
Through my parents death and through so much more. 
She always loved me and I will forever remember her. 
TOP my fur baby. 
Love mom."

Kiln, MS 
May 7,2007-August 13,2020
"Rainbow bridge calling Heart broken, 
I loved you most. Life feels empty now. 
You will be missed."

Christine S
Gulfport, MS 
Gracie Boyd
August 29, 2009-August 13,2021
"Gracie was the sweetest and most loving companion. 
She was a rescue dog that actually rescued me. 
She showed me true love and I will carry her sweet and sassy spirit with me wherever I go. 
She was truly my saving grace." 

Jamie Boyd

Biloxi, MS 
November 24, 2011-December 23,2021
"You came into our lives, precious Ginger, 
when we were looking for a senior to rescue. 
Though we only managed to have you for four brief 
but wonderful years, 
you completely stole our hearts. 
We love you forever, sweet girl."

Duke H. Bruce

Gulfport, MS 
January 1, 2007 - May 26, 2023
"GoHome was a very special friend to many. 
He was always outgoing, playful, 
and never met a stranger. 
He was a resident of Clarmont Harbor for 15+ years 
and rarely missed a day of visiting his favorite place, Harold & Lillian's. 
On Saturday, June 10th, starting at noon, all are invited to come tell stories, share pictures, and celebrate a life well lived."

Evangeline Vizzini

Clermont Harbor, MS