In Memory Of: (H)
A Pet's Memory 
Pet Funeral Home & Crematory, LLC 
1520 28th Street Gulfport, MS 39501
March 12,2001-October 1,2010
"You are the love of my life my doggie son.
My love for you will last forever. 
Someday we will be together again".
                   Pat DellaBella   
                  Jacksonville, NC
August 1, 1997-December 18,2010
My precious Hootie, you were my best friend and my soul mate. 
I will always love you and miss you. 
You were the best gift I ever got. 
Thank you for all the love, all the kisses and all the howls!
Mommy and maw maw adore you!
Amanda Clark
                          Pascagoula, MS  
January 1,2009-February 18,2011
"I miss you my sweet Honey and 
I love you so much you're in my heart forever."
Lisa Loeh
           Pascagoula, MS 
Hannah Claire Stickler
May 29,1998-February 28,2012
"Always Loved, Forever missed.
We will see you at the gates
because all dogs go to heaven and you're there."

Jackie, Rick, Audrey & Hali Stickler
Gulfport, MS 

October 1,1998-May 9,2014
"Our hearts are saddened 
by the loss of our beloved Hankie Boy.
He had that personality 
that will never be matched.
Rest in peace my Hankie, 
I know you and Lady run happy and free.
We await the day we are all reunited
You will be greatly missed 
and never forgotten
We love you"
Angela and Kareem Fahnestock
Poplarville, MS 

March 29,2007-April 19,2015
"Hopper was a perfect friend
there will not be a day I don't miss you.
You were my heart love you forever."

Peggy Hood
Biloxi, MS  
February 13,2007-March 22,2018 
"We will always remember 
your silly tuck tail run, 
your soft fur, sweet bark, 
and intense stare 
with your big almond eyes. 
Love you, 

Ashley & Stephen Halferty
Bay St. Louis, MS 
November 26, 2009-June 22,2020
"I think how our day begun with you by my side, playful, smiles and kisses. 
Our day to day routine full of fun, treats, 
your fresh strawberry, crushed iced cubes. 
And your beautiful tap dancing with a big smile it was your way of asking ?Mommy is it time for a cookie?, or whatever you desired. 
I don't know how me, your daddy and 
your canine buddy Mr. James Bond will do without you leading our day to day life. 
I can say this, we are the lucky ones to have found you. 
It was love at first sight. 
Until we meet again by the rainbow bridge. 
Run, play and bark like only you know how. 
Our forever love my sweet Honeybear." 

Carmen Reis 
Long Beach, MS