In Memory Of: (K)
A Pet's Memory 
Pet Funeral Home and Crematory, LLC. 
1520 28th Street Gulfport, MS 39501
March 23, 2000-November 18, 2010
"KoKo, you came to us when we were grieving 
and brought us love, joy, humor~more than we could ever imagine...
forever in our hearts".
                                                                 Julie Rachie
                                                                    Gulfport, MS 
Kris Kringle
October 26,1994-April 20,2011
"Kringle was a Christmas present 
from my sister Vicki and her family. 
He came into my life when I needed it most. 
He had a red bow on his head and came with a heartwarming letter. 
I immediately named him "Kris Kringle".  

He has given us 17 1/2 years
 of unconditional love and companionship.  
You have touched many lives with 
your sweet personality and great smile. 

Our hearts are heavy and my lap is empty
 but we'll see you again. 
Thanks for being the "little man" and leaving us with lots of wonderful memories. 
We'll miss you more than we can say 
and will always love you." 
Your Mommie, 
Pam & Tony Gale
Gulfport, MS  
December 1, 1996-May 29,2011
"Kelsey lived like a princess.
She liked drinking water from the bathtub the best.
She hated change, but she adapted to the move 
to Mississippi a little over a year ago. 
She put her canine brothers in their place even at her worst.
Kelsey, my baby girl, rest in peace. 
I hope you find me at the other side of the rainbow when the time comes.
Love you Kelsey."
Wanda Wicker
          Ocean Springs, MS  
January 1,2000-October 23,2014
"Today you left us to go up to the Angels Kai 
and it absoutely broke my heart loosing you. 
14 years with us it's been the best 14 years ever 
You will be dearly missed forever in my heart Kai."
Carly Renshaw 
April 9,2003-December 2,2014
"Our sweet Kahlua, your gentle spirit, 
wagging tail and gorgeous face will be sorely missed. 
You will always be in our hearts and memories. 

Colette Lister
Gulfport, MS 
August 25,2001-April 18,2016
"Great dog. Gentle and loving.
Protector of the family, always by our side.
We were so lucky to find her.
She had a good life.
We will miss her."

Bob and Cindy Grefe

Ocean Springs, MS 
January 1,2000-December 21,2016
"My precious Karmel kitty,
you went through so many years with me-
helped me through so many times, lived with me in 4 states, 
through several moves, several broken hearts-
you were always there to purrr 
as loud as you did the day I found you. 
Until we meet again..... 

Tia Black
Biloxi, MS 
July 18,2003-September 22,2017
"It all started with a hip dislocation in August 2017....
then it went down hill from there.
We are very honored to have been in Keanu's life.
He was highly intelligent, his eyes were engaging and spoke volumes.
He made our house a home and it was filled with his love.
He engaged us in every level from the minute we got up to the minute we went to bed he was always a part of everything we did throughout the day and evening. 
He was a better dog than I could ever be a human."

Mike, Cindy and Kaholo Shaper
Moss Point/Pascagoula MS 
July 13,1999-July 19,2017
"Dear Katelin, You are missed sooo much-
you can't even imagine.
I have gone through a lot of guilt, 
but I truly hope you have crossed 
the Rainbow Bridge and are happy and carefree.
I will join you again some day.
Please know you will never be forgotten....
"If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever" :(

Tia Black, 
Biloxi, MS  
Kitty B. Snottycat
September 1,1999-November 21,2018
"Kitty B. was such a great cat! 
She had her only personality.
Almost 20 years old. 
She came to us as a stray, appeared at the neighbor's house, 
she moved into our house in less than a month! 
Miss you Kitty! 

Diamondhead, MS 
September 3, 2009-October 19,2021
"Our Angel, Katie, through 12 years, 8 houses and
 4 campers she took care of us and slept at our feet."

David and Addie Brann

Diamondhead, MS