In Memory Of: (L)
A Pet's Memory 
Pet Funeral Home and Crematory, LLC.
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Lil Jay
January 7, 2007-June 11,2011
"Baby Jay it was love at first sight!
From the moment I saw you I knew we had a special connection.
You were so smart. You knew when I was sick or not feeling in the best of moods 
and always did something to make me smile again.
I love and miss you more than anyone can imagine! 
I will always love you and you will forever have a very special place in my heart!
I pray every night that you are happy, healthy, and safe 
with God and all his angels above!
You now have wings
Mommy loves you baby"
Alexa Etheridge
    Diamondhead, MS 
August 8,1996-January 21,2012
"Lucy you gave daddy the will to walk again. 
You gave us unconditional love for 17 years.
I miss you more today than I thought possible.
Rest in peace my LuLu.
You deserve it!"
Barbara Evans
Saucier, MS 
Laci Anne
March 8,2003-August 24,2010
"Our big girl Laci Anne...
156lbs of pure heart, a true testament to the rottweiler breed.
A trouper all the way to the end as cancer progressed.
We will forever remember, Laci girl, 
we miss you and so does little Callie the calico."
Lisa Smith
Long Beach, MS  
November 24,2006-March 24,2013
"You came to us so scared and lonely. 
You were a rescue dog but you came to trust us 
and brought us much love and joy, you were perfect.
You will always be in my heart.
Rest in peace.
Barbara Carson
Biloxi, MS  
February 24,1997-April 5,2013
"Lady, was MORE THAN just a "dog"
She was our baby girl~She brought years of laughter, smiles and love to us~
She now runs in heaven and awaits the day we are reunited~
Rest in peace Ma's Doodle Bug and know we love and miss you so much~
You will NEVER be forgotten."
Angela and Kareem
Poplarville, MS 
October 23,2003-November 7,2013 
"Our sweet Lady,we miss you with all our heart's. 
There is an empty space here without you.
The only thing we know for sure, 
is you are no longer in pain,  
and hopefully playing with Jack (our other precious baby that passed away 9 years ago). 
One day we will be together again, 
but until then, please remember, 
we love you with all our heart's. 
Brandy misses you, she looks for you, 
and doesn't understand where you are. 
We love you xx"
Susan Deaton
D'Iberville, MS   
February 26,1999-December 4,2013
"We miss you more than words can say.
You were such a sweet & loving friend, 
family member and companion for so many years. 
It's so hard to believe you are gone, 
but we will see you again some day.
You are forever in our hearts and thoughts.xoxo"
The Johns Family
Ocean Springs, MS 

Lil Bit 
January 11,1996-November 25,2013
"Lil Bit came into my Mom's life after the loss of my brother, 
then when I lost my Mom she came into my life,  
so in a way she was a therapy dog to help us cope 
with the loss of loved ones.
She lived a long wonderful life, 
but now it is time for her to rest.
I called her Lady Barksalot, but now I hate the silence."
Barbara Turan
Gulfport, MS 
July 30,2012-January 7,2015
"Forever in our hearts!"

Mary Jo Donovan
Ocean Springs, MS 
Little Runt Girl
November 1,1995-March 12,2016
"We were blessed with our beautiful tortoiseshell, 
Little Runt Girl, for about 21 years. 
She was deeply loved-& we sure do miss her! 

Beth & Terry Joffrion

Gulfport, MS 
March 24,2005-April 14,2017
Gone far too soon from our loving arms, 
forever in our hearts.
Run free Levi.
See you on the other side.
Good boy.

Rick and Dana Evans
Diamondhead, MS 

March 20,1998-March 21,2017
Lady, you are forever missed and loved 
and the comfort you provided each one of us 
will have everlasting memories until we meet again. 
With Love-The Threshers'
Saucier, MS 
July 1,2005-July 5,2017
"You were mine the moment I met you.
Forever in my heart??
I miss you so much and truly loved you with all I have.
Love, Mommy"

Alecia LeBlanc
Youngsville, LA 
October 17,2003-May 25,2018
We miss you every day, 
and your memory we treasure
Loving you always, 
And in our thoughts 
and hearts forever.

Cynthia & Ron Simmons
Gautier, MS 

November 8,2010-July 27,2018
"My sweet "Lei Lei", mommy misses you so much.
Your sweet soul brought me so much happiness.
My heart hurts so much without you
but I will see you again.
Until then my sweet girl, 
know that I will always love you.  

Michelle Slade
Gulfport, MS 

June 1, 2007-August 13,2019
"On Aug. 13,2019 I lost my best friend and soul
 and haven't been able to do this til now.
LuLu was my everything and the one I wanted to spend all of my time with and sadly that day of not having her here came that day 
and my world went dark & my heart broke into a billion pieces. 
I took her there with no money to my name
 and they were the best and treated us with kindness and understanding and I picked LuLu up the 1st of Sept. once I got paid 
and I owe them so much for taking care of her 
and having her beside my bed."

Laurie Mann
Saucier, MS 
December 29,2008-June 29,2020
Precious Lilly, 
You will never know how much you saved me. 
Forever my best friend. 
Love Paw Paw

Jimmy NcNeely
Gulfport, MS