In Memory Of: (R)
A Pet's Memory 
Pet Funeral Home and Crematory, LLC 
1520 28th Street Gulfport, MS 39501
August 1, 1998-November 20,2010
"Rocky spent his years working hard for the United States Navy.
He was old, but was a puppy at heart.
He will be deeply missed by us and all who have met him. 
We love you we will see you again."

Heath and Sheila Coulter
December 25,2000-December 19,2010
"You will be terribly missed my "Little Fat Rat"
We will see you again."
Darlene and Ed Council
 Ocean Springs, MS  
September 28,2008-March 13,2011
"You got sick so fast and we didn't get to say goodbye. 
I know you are in heaven and having a blast, but we miss you here and will never forget you baby girl. 
You were everything I could of asked for in a family member. I am going to miss you trying to take my spot on the bed to lay next to Richard but don't worry the spot will be available in the middle if you ever want to visit. 
I love you, Roxy girl and you will forever be in our hearts!" 
Jamie Orr
     Gulfport, MS 

April 25,1997-September 6,2011
"We loved our dear yellow tabby Cat very much.
Even though he was a bitter, and we have the scar's to prove it, 
we still Loved him.
We had him for 14 beautiful years and wish we had 14 more years."
              Arthur & Linda Malone
Gulfport, MS   

February 21,2001-October 21,2011
"You have been the best friend I could ask for. 
I miss you terribly. 
I hope you can forgive me, 
but I also hope you're no longer in pain. 
Jesus is with you and he promised me 
he will take care of you until I arrive. 
I love you!
Until we can play again, see you later!"
Jake Butirich
Biloxi, MS 
December 8,1999-February 4,2012
"Our little buddy boy. 
We will always miss and long for your kisses. 
You were here to make us happy, 
and you did a wonderful job for 13+ years.  
You will always be our little boy, our best friend, and our little angel.
We will never forget the memories."
Mom & Dad
Randall & Carol Broussard
Biloxi, MS   
April 15,1999-December 24,2011
"Today would have been your 13th birthday my sweet Rose.
I miss  you today and every day. 
I look forward to the day when we meet again.
Until then you will live in my heart."
Dorothy Brooks
Saucier, MS  
December 7,1996-November 22,2012
"After almost 17 years the LORD has called 
Richie back to heaven.
We will miss him so much he will always be in our hearts."
Annabelle & Craig Berkley
Gulfport, MS  
Police K9 Rambeaux
January 1,2002-July 6,2013
"K9 Rambeaux was a duel purpose patrol/narcotics trained Belgium Malinois.
He was my partner for seven years 
before being retired do to injuries and arthritis. 
Rambeaux was my partner 
and my wife and I oldest kid. 
He served the City of Gulfport citizens  
and took criminals off the streets.  
See you again my friend."
Joey McCormick
Gulfport, MS 
Reba Camille of Bay St. Louis
August 16,2002-June 17,2014
"My beautiful and very loyal 
German Shepherd "Reba" was cremated here in the most dignified way with so much respect to my girl and myself. "
John Storms
Bay St. Louis, MS 
March 10,2004-August 3,2014
"RIP Little Buddy. 
It's been a great 10 year journey. 
Bucket list completed....
All states, destinations and family visited. 
You will be missed. 
Rest Peacefully."
Tommy McMonagle
Houston, TX 
January 1,1998-August 9,2014
"Rockey was a loving cat who will be missed dearly".
Nick & Row Puchetti
Gulfport, MS  
December 24,2000-April 1,2014
"Raven danced through life, 
loving her family, her "Baby" Fisher, 
bringing fun and laughter to all of us. 
She was a brave, lovely girl."

Ann Charlie, Rachael & Maddie Flynt
Gulfport, MS 
December 9,2009-May 5,2015
"He was our sweet heart for almost six years. 
He left us suddenly but will always be in our hearts. 
Love you Rocky."

Linda & Ronnie Boone 
​Long Beach, MS 

March 1,2006-November 20,2015
"Your beaming smile, your jumps of joy,  
your kisses and protection have left me.
I will treasure our time together that was just to short.
I love you Mom"

Nancy Furmanski
Gulfport, MS  
March 3,2000-April 6,2016
"Rudy, my little man! 
What a blessing you truly were.
Rest easy now and watch over your little sister Molly.
I will love you forever! 

Susan Pyles 
Gulfport, MS 
July 15,1997-June 7,2016
"A very Special and Sweet little girl!  
I will always miss her!"

Scott Wilson
Biloxi, MS 

May 14,2008-January 1,2016
"Thank you for picking me when you were a puppy. 
Words cannot describe the happiness and joy you gave me.
I could not have asked for a better companion, friend and family member. 
I am truly blessed to have had you in my life. 
My heart is broken without you. 
Until we meet again....with Love, Shannon"

Shannon Rojas

Slidell, LA 

August 3,2006-April 27,2017 
"In Memory of our Hansome Rambo"

Sharon & Bill DeMalade
Ocean Springs, MS 
May 29,2009-October 16,2017
"Rest in peace to the most lovable and caring dog
 anyone could ever ask for. 
We want to thank you for a life time filled with 
snuggles, love, and good times. 
We love you so much Rosco 
and will forever miss you greeting us with a present."

Bella Vito
Tonawanda, NY  
May 8, 2011~ December 26, 2019
"My Rupert was my buddy and constant companion.
He had a personality like no other. 
He loved the Bay-he loved the beach and he loved his rides. 
I was very lucky to have him for the eight short years I did
 but I look forward to seeing him again when my time comes. "

L'Ann Kern
Bay St. Louis, MS  
February 18,2012-July 6,2020
"We love and miss you so much! 
You were the best daughter ever! 
Rest easy my sweet girl!" 

Samantha Cheney
Waveland, MS