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Tribute Blanket
Create a personalized blanket for your family that will be remembered and talked about forever. 

Our distributor is a family owned weaving mill that has been weaving blankets for 30 years. 

These WOVEN personalized photo blankets are six feet long and 100% soft comfortable cotton, 
which is also machine washable. 
This makes your memorials memorable. 

Whether it is a cat, dog or a turtle-pets are a very important part of your family. 
Tribute blankets can help through the grieving process. A soft woven blanket creates a connection between a family and their lost pets. Just because your beloved pet is gone does not mean you have to not have them around, a photo blanket gives you a life size tribute! These tribute blankets are large and impressive at 53" x 72", yet soft to the touch. Also available are a photo tote bag, photo pillow and photo echo tote. 

These personalized woven blankets are great gift ideas for holidays, special dates, graduations, 
weddings, birthdays, a special person, pet or any other reason. 

Bring us your favorite picture (300 ppi and over is best) 

Come in and let us design a special blanket that your family will love forever. 

Tribute Blanket is only $105.00 includes shipping & handling
Tribute Blanket
Woven Photo Pillow
Photo pillows bring the beauty of a woven photograph to the comfort of your home.  A woven photo pillow will help make a house a home. Your pillow will measure 17" x 17" and is fully corded and backed with black fabric, Jacquard woven and hand finished. 

$65.00 includes shipping and handling
Woven Echo Tote
Woven in tapestrym our photo echo tote bags are durable and the design will not fade. Your tote bag will measure 16" X 4" X 6" and comes with black strapping and a bottom shelf-Jacquard woven and hand finished. 

$65.00 includes shipping and handling
Below are just examples of some of the blankets that have been ordered