A Pet's Memory 
Pet Funeral Home and Crematory, LLC.
1520 28th Street Gulfport, MS 39501
In Memory Of (F)
December 25,2000-April 2,2011
"In memory of our quirky little buddy. 
Lots of years, lots of miles, lots of friends, 
we couldn't have asked for a better buddy. 
You and Barkley take care of each other. 
See you in time little crazy man."
Peter & Lisa
  Gulfport, MS 
October 20,1995-November 16,2011
"May you run with your brothers and sisters my beloved boy, 
a huge part of my heart is missing....
you were always at my side, my shadow, 
and we did so much together, 
even riding the waves of Hurricane Katrina. 
Until we meet again my buddy."
Wayne Watkins
Gulfport, MS  
October 31,1999-April 25,2013
"Finn you were the best dog ever and we love you so much. 
Words cannot express how much we will miss you. 
You had the best temperament in the world and Ellie and Tripp and Erica and Kenna and Dom and Matteo and all the children loved you and you let them do anything they wanted and never complained. 
I am sorry Reese Emory will not have the chance to meet you 
and even more sorry that you will not have the chance to meet her. 
Your mom Chrissy will miss you most of all but as she said you had a good run for 13 1/2 years 
and you had a happy life. 
Your brothers Roux and Oscar and you sister Gracie Mae will get to play with their food and not have to worry about you coming along and finishing what they left behind.
You know we always loved you and would take care of you. 
Even in the end, the most difficult thing in the world for your mom and me and Dr. Tracy and all her wonderful staff was to let you go. 
Your mom knew when your quality of life would never be the same 
and she made the very courageous decision to tell us all that it was time to let you go. 
You are our heart and we will never forget you. 
You gave us so many wonderful years of love and companionship and joy 
that we will always smile when we remember you. 
Edgar Dapremont
Gulfport, MS 
November 25,1999-July 17,2013
"Some day I will begin to see, 
although it'll take some time, 
the happy times I shared with you, 
the memories are yours and mine."
Shirley Kirk
Gulfport, MS 
August 1,1999-February 25,2016
"You brought us laughter and joy, 
as well as your own personality. 
Sixteen and a half years later you had to depart this life. 
We feel so sad not being able to see you or kiss your sweet head.
We love and miss you so much."
Love Mommy, Grandma and Grandpa

James, Cynthia, Natoshia Byrd

Gulfport, MS