In Memory Of: (S)
A Pet's Memory 
Pet Funeral Home and Crematory, LLC. 
1520 28th Street Gulfport, MS 39501
November 4, 1995-October 1, 2010

"Simon our beautiful gift from God. 
He brought love and loyalty to his family for 16 years. 
Rest in peace baby." 

Susan Pyles 
Gulfport, MS 

May 1, 1990-October 6,2010
"I rescued Speedy from the Animal Rescue League of Central Iowa in Des Moines in 1993. 
More appropriately, he rescued me and gave 17 additional years of unconditional love and companionship.  
He touched many lives with his wonderful personality, very mellow, got along with everyone and everything. 
He will be greatly missed." 
David Skow
                       Gulfport, MS
November 17, 1999-December 16,2010
"My best friend, Sam.
You'll be in my heart forever 
and Heaven will be a better place with you in it. 
Remember when you got the bottle of Neon Orange spray paint and wouldn't give it back? 
You had Neon Orange ears and legs for a while after that!
Just one of the wonderful memories you have left me with.
Goodbye my friend.
Alice Stoudenmire
           Hurley, MS 

January 13,1997-February 14,2011
"Shooter, my bouncing boy. 
We had fun swimming and playing. 
You welcomed KoKo into our home and 
now you have gone to be with her." 
Julie Rachie
 Gulfport, MS
July 1, 1997-July 5,2011
"Momma's Lil Shadow what can I say?
Someone dropped you off in a graveyard and 
I have had you for 14 wonderful years. 
Now the time has come for you 
to go be with your brothers and sisters. 
I miss you being on my bed at night and I miss you following me around all the time. 
What can I say I miss you and Love You Always."
Lynn Scott
               Pass Christian, MS 

August 1,1994-September 28,2011
"Sidekick came into my life winter of 1995 at 5 mo old from the Animal Rescue League of Central Iowa in DSM. 

He was my roommate's cat and ended up being a great companion to Speedy and myself after roomy departed. 

He loved sleeping in the sinks 
and chasing his tail in the tub. 

He will be greatly missed but is now with his buddy
Speedy at the Rainbow Bridge. 

David Skow
   Gulfport, MS 
November 1,2000-September 9,2011
"Our beloved Maltese SARGE was a trooper! 
He was the "Mayor" of our neighborhood 
and was loved by all humans and other animals.
He survived paralyses and also had to have insulin shots 
twice a day for 5 years but he never gave up!
We love and miss you Sarge!
Myra and Bill Derry
Diamondhead, MS 
Sammy Bear 
December 25,1997-December 30,2011
"You gave us such joy for 14 years. 
I hope Brit was waiting to greet you on the other side. 
We will remember you always.
You were our Good Boy."
Mom, Dad & Alexis

Maria Migues
Biloxi, MS  
May 11,1994-February 1,2012
"Spyder was my first cat. 
I had her 18 years.
She was sweet & awesome. 
I miss you and love you, Baby!"
Biloxi, MS 
April 1,1999-April 5,2012
"What a great kid this one was. 
She had a broken tooth and a genetic problem with her jaw
 that caused an ulcer in her ear that made it painful for her to chew and bark. 
She had several infections in her ear and a hole in her face from her sinuses that we fought constantly for many years and we had to clean her ear several times a day. 
She had a large growth on her back leg that didn't seem to bother her and because she was about 6 inches too long, it caused her to have really bad hips & back.
But she always had a smile to give. 
Such a loyal, affectionate, team player 
who was always involved with the routine of our days, and kept us on track. 
This picture is what I saw several times a day for 14 yrs...
That smile always made me smile. 
With all her issues, if she could smile so could I. 
Jeff Coggins
Gulfport, MS 
March 8,1997-May 16,2012
"I had my beloved Simba 
since his birth and enjoyed his 
love and companionship for 
fifteen wonderful years.
I will love and remember him always."
Melissa Faurie
Gulfport, MS 
February 13,1998-January 19,2013
"Heaven has welcomed in, the best baby girl ever.
Our lives will never be the same again.
We will always love you Sassy!
Thank you for the many years of  unconditional love that you have shown us. 
You will be forever in our hearts!"
Jeanene Martin
Vancleave, MS 
February 2,2004-April 26,2013
"My sweet Sugar you  have ytruly been the highlight of our lives.
You've given us unconditional love 
for nine wonderful, beautiful years.
I miss you so much and we will never foreget you.
Remember your best friend Mama Kitty?
You guys had so much fun together. 
Mostly you dragging her all around the yard.
You were best buddies.
I'm sure your both having the wrestling match of your life right now...
Daddy misses his riding partner.
You and he went everywhere together.
Hold a place for mom and dad baby...
Love mom and dad
Kevin and Dottie Jiminez
Biloxi, MS 

Schroeder von Wiggins
September 21,2009-May 31,2013
"Rest in peace-Schroeder von Wiggins-
Gone but not forgotten-
You added so much love and life to our family.
Miss you"
Penny & Tony deVries
Wiggins, MS 
April 15,2003-August 19,2013
"If love alone could have saved you
you never would have died.
If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane, 
I'd walk the path to heaven 
and bring you back again."
L Garcia
Biloxi, MS  
January 1,1999-March 19,2014
"We will miss you our "Itty Bitty Skitty Kitty"
and love you with all our hearts!!!!
Thank you for blessing us with your love and making us your "humans". 
Love you!
Shannon & John Bennett
Gautier, MS 
February 1,1998-June 4,2014
"We will miss you Sage. 
We will miss you going on boat rides with us.
We will miss you getting your head stuck in the cereal boxes and popcorn bags!
We will miss you following us through the house and always being under our feet. 
We love you sweet girl. 

From Lucy, age 7:
 We love you Sage no matter what, even though you peed and pooped in the house:->

From August, age 10: 
I miss you even though you never played with me bc you were old. I love you.
David, Tammy, August, & Lucy
Biloxi, MS 
August 1,1993-June 1,2014
"For nearly 20 years Seebsee showered us with 
Loyalty, Love, Affection and Attitude!
She will be deeply missed."
Dana Bordelon
Diamondhead, MS 
Sandy Sahara
November 29,2002-August 3,2014
"Thank you for being the most noble and loving 
creature we ever had.
We will miss you and will find you in Heaven!"
Gladyneli Gerena
Caguas, PR
Smokey aka MoeMoe
June 17,2008-September 5,2014
"MoeMoe you are our baby. 
We love and miss you sweet kitty.
You were the biggest blessing in our life.
Noisy noisy"
Cathy Holloman
Mobile, AL 
Shawnee Girl Fricke
December 25,2001-September 19,2014
"May your days be filled without pain and lots of love and pickles....
We love you and miss you so much 
We hope your new journey of life be happy you will always be with us 
Lots of love....Mom and Dad
Chance & Darlene Fricke
Gulfport, MS 
Sadie Marie Plummer
June 19,1999-January 20,2015
Sadie Marie: Faithful hike partner, 
beloved and loyal member of our family. 
She willl be missed.

Nicolette Plummer
Gautier, MS 
January 1,2005-April 9,2015
"We love you sweet Sierra girl. 
It's so hard to look over and not see you 
lounging on the couch. 
Whatever it was that took you from us, 
its gone and you can run free and happy!
Love you always.

Mark & Diane Stevens
Ocean Springs, MS  
Sarge Daniel-Poteet
April 1,2003-March 25,2015
"Sarge, I cry everyday for you. I keep looking around the house for you.
I even thought I heard you wimper last night, 
like you did when you wanted me to pick you up. 
My whole life has changed since you've been gone.
"If love could have saved you, you would have never died"
I saw that and I thought of you.
People have told me that if they were a dog, 
they would want to be my dog. I gave you a great life.
You visited the Smokey Mountains so many times, I can't even remember. 
So that is the place I will scatter your ashes. Since you loved to go there on vacation.
I miss you more then anything. You were there for me, you licked my tears when I cried, 
and I could tell how sad you were when I was sad. 
I miss you my friend, I will see you on the other side."

Angie Daniel

March 20,1995-May 20,2015
"Sparkle Joseph was born in Missouri back in 1995. 
He was a sweet, round butterball who ran to our 5 year old daughter and that is why she chose him. 
She is now married and lives in Lawrence, KS. 
"Joseph" is what we called him, 
as with age he became very distinguished. 
He was my best friend and faithful companion
 for over 20-years. 
He got sick suddenly last week and had to take his heavenly flight. My family and I look forward someday to meeting him on the Rainbow Bridge! He was loving and smart and has lived in three different cities in the last few years. Sparky, we love you sooooo much and you will live on in our hearts forever. 
Until we meet again. Love you, "Little Momma and Poppa"

Kamero & Todd Haverstic
Long Beach, MS  
October 1,2006-June 25,2015
"Scooby, our baby boy, 
you brought so much love and happiness to our family.
I wish there was more we could have done to keep you here longer.
I prayed to God for His healing hands, to heal what was sick in you, but I never expected Him to take you.
Although we miss you terribly, we all know that only God could take away your suffering. 
I pray you are able to run and play and full of energy. 
I pray you left this world feeling our love as much as we felt yours.
I miss you baby boy, my teddy bear! 
We love you Scooby! 
David & Mindy Whitten
D'Iberville, MS 
September 1,2000-September 24,2015
"My dearest Snowball, mommy misses you my heart is so broken.
I've lost you Hopper, Angel and Ottis. 
I hope you all are in heaven playing together again.
Words can't express the pain I feel from loosing you all this year.
You were greatly loved but you will never be forgotten.
Rest in peace my buddy.
Mommy loves you all and will see you again. 

Peggy Hood

May 15,2006-March 23,2016
"Sasha, we will always remember and love you.
You will forever remain in your family's heart.
Never a more loving dog than you!

Raymond Braud
Diamondhead, MS 
October 1,2014-April 1,2016
"Skittles was my best friend. 
I loved no other dog the way I loved him. 
He didn't get to see the rainbow that was there after the rain went away but I did and it was ironic."

Justin Lee
Gulfport, MS 
January 1,2000-April 26,2016
"Sammy was a great companion
and will be missed very much."

Nick Row
Gulfport, MS 
April 21,2000-June 6,2016
"In 2001, I bought Scooter at a flea market.
He was 1 year old, had a horrible overbite, he was too big for a Yorkie, and the sellers just needed to "get rid of him". 
He was perfect in my eyes.
When we brought him home, he hid under the bed and behind furniture. I didn't care....from then on Scooter was my baby...
He knew when I was having a bad day and would howl a certain way that he knew would make me smile every time.
I felt I had rescued him from people who didn't want him, when in reality, he rescued me. He was a one person dog.
Over the last few weeks, he suffered a lot.
He stopped eating and couldn't breathe.
Yesterday, we all realized it was time to let him go.
He gave us so much joy and comfort over the last 15 years.
He will be forever missed and never replaced.
RIP Scooter bear.....

Laura, Alice and John Stoudenmire

Hurley, MS  
"From kitten to twilight, we weathered life's storms.
Faithful friend and light of my life.
My heart weeps. 
I'll miss you until we meet again."

Rebecca Rogers
Gulfport, MS 
June 14,1997-June 9,2016
March 1,2005-March 22,2017
"My beautiful Boy, I will always love and miss you, 
Thank you for all you gave, you were such a gentle soul.......
Saucier, MS 
March 20,2008-December 5,2017
"May you find 
an eternal sunbeam to lie in, 
sweet Sammy Boy. 
Mama, Daddy, and Delilah 
will always love and miss you."

Steve & Linda Meade

Biloxi, MS 
June 17,2005-September 14,2018
"The only thing I can say is Sadie was my very best friend.
We have been thru so many life changing events together. 
I'm beyond heart broken because honestly she was a part of me and she will always and forever be in my heart. 
Sadie Sue girl, I love you so much and I'll meet ya on that famous rainbow bridge one day. 
Til then please watch over me like you always have. 
I love you baby girl.... 

Robin Toups
D'Iberville, MS 
Sugar Honey
June 13,2002-January 11,2019
"My sweet Baby Girl, 
Thank you for giving me 16 1/2 years of unconditional love, loyalty, joy,comfort and always being there for me when no one else could be. 
You were very well-loved and one of God's special gifts to me.
I gave you my Mom's nickname, 
Sugar Honey, 
because you were extra sweet. 
I found it so cute that you never liked it when the grass hit your feet. 
You ran the house 
and never left my side. 
My pretty little Diva, you said it all with those sweet dark eyes. 
I knew you were tired and having a difficult time, but knew it was time to part. 
Life will never be the same without you, 
but I will always feel your love in my heart. 
Monica Choate
Pass Christian, MS 
Soul Schneider  
March 1,1999-September 4, 2019
"Soul just wasn't another dog. She was my companion my mental rock.
I loved her and she loved me and my family unconditionally. 
When she left us she took a piece of us with her. 
Rest in Peace."

Cheryl Schneider
Gautier, MS 

Smoke a Roo Murphy
May 1, 2004-July 11,2019
"Smoke or Kitsy as I called him was an amazing cat 
with a fun personality who always talked to you all the time! 
He will be greatly missed!  

Ashley Murphy
Gulfport, MS 
January 12,2006-July 7, 2020
"Waiting in Heaven for him was his Maw Maw Mary 
and Uncle Ray.
Shark is survived by his fur Mom and Dad, 
Tracy and Michael Stern"

Tracy Stern
Bay St. Louis, MS 
October 3,2004-September 21,2020
"Sometimes in life we connect with a soul 
that understands us and loves us unconditionally, 
who's always by our side and never judges us. 
Today my little Skittles crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. 
My life will never be the same without her. 
The only peace I have is that she is not hurting anymore. 
I know she will be waiting at the bridge for me. 
Until then Skittles run and play, eat all the bones you can find. I love you! 

Linda Castelin
Diamondhead, MS  
May 31,2003-September 14,2020
"Stitch has been in our family since he was 6 weeks old! 
He is sooo missed already! 
I can only hope we gave you the best life ever! 
Stitch we love you so much, till we see you again! 
Love Mom, Delaney and Cheyenne....Always in our Hearts!"

Lisa McDonald
Pascagoula, MS 
January 1, 2006-June 25,2021
"Sweet Sera, We were blessed to have you for 15 wonderful years. 
Forever in our hearts and memories."

Charles Lizana

Kiln, MS