A Pet's Memory 
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In Memory Of: (D)
September 1, 2006-July, 19, 2010
"Danny has a zest for life and brought so much joy into my life. God has a very special angel at his side. I miss you so much my sweet boy".
Kathy Smith
Biloxi, MS

June 20,1999-October 23,2010
"Dixie was a smart, loyal and devoted friend that loved everyone 
and everyone loved Dixie. 
There wasn't a toy that she didn't like, if it made noise she liked it. 
She came from the Humane Society in Gulfport, MS in Sept of 2000. 
She right away became part of the family.
Then in 2003 she became a adopted mother of two more daschunds, 
Scarlet and Mary Catherine.  A good mother she was. 
These two girl's really do miss her. 
We all do".
Cody Esry
                                   Gulfport, MS
Dakota Anne Pressley
May 10,1996-December 30,2010
"We got Dakota in Marathon Key Florida she was about 9 months she was this cute little thing in a dog run and came right to us. She house trained herself and was always with our son. She never chewed a toy or would leave his side when he was little outside playing. 
She was a very well traveled dog. From Florida to Maine to Texas, Colorado and finally Mississippi. She was our 4 legged "Navy Brat". 
We miss her so much the house is so quite now. We have Maine Coon who misses her too. She is still looking for her.  
We are so grateful to all of those who took care of her after she crossed the Rainbow Bridge and got her home in less than 24 hours to us. Linda we will never be able to thank you enough for everything you did. Thank you."
Amy, Gene and Blake Pressley
Waveland, MS 
March 24,2003-May 11,2011
'You rescued me 8 years ago, 
loved and watched over us....
I know you  had to go with 
Shooter and KoKo. 
Love is eternal..."
Julie Rachie
   Gulfport, MS 
December 21,1999-May 3,2011
"Our beloved Damion was an Italian Rottweiler born to two championship Rotties, he was precious to us. 
Damion brought alot of joy in the Carlton family. We will miss him dearly and there can be no other dog that can take his place. 
We love you Damion and we are thankful for the Sumrall's for taking care of you and bringing you back to us." 
     Shirley Carlton
Saucier, MS 
January 30,1999-July 22, 2011
"Denver was, and will always be my best friend and light of my life. 
He was more than a pet, he was my child."
    Rebecca Yarnik
Gulfport, MS 
Dusty Doolittle
March 25,2008-August 15,2011
"For sweet Dusty, you were a beautiful light in my life-
I needed you so much and you brought joy and love with you.
I miss you terribly my baby..."
Pam Taylor
        Long Beach, MS 
Droopy Shackleford
October 1,1998-December 31,2011
"Droopy, Beagle 13 years old
Also known as Voopy or Sir Droops Alot, 
spent his days holding down the couch 
and getting hugs and kisses from us...
we will miss you Old Man."
Mom & Dad Shack
Gulfport, MS  
September 1,1998-January 9,2012
"My sweet Baby Girl Dharma was most definitely my best friend, my companion, and above all my baby. 
She gave me unconditional love; 
I miss her so much, but I know she is in Heaven and not afraid of storms anymore!
Thank you D for loving me!"
Donna Swilley
Biloxi, MS 
May 13,2007-June 14,2012
"Duncan was only 3 years old when he got sick.  
He was a play cat who loved to chase mice and laser lights.
He will be sadly missed by our three boys. 

Tricia, Pat, Tyler Brandon & Jason Duren
Gulfport, MS 

May 1,2007-February 21,2013
"We brought Delilah home from the animal shelter 
in Alamogordo, NM in May of 2007. 
She had been abused and had the physical scars to prove it, 
but she was the sweetest, most steadfast dog I have ever met. 
Even when she got sick she never complained. 
She died in her favorite place, close to "her" human, 
my husband Patrick. 
We lost her at a very difficult time for our family 
and we miss her terribly. 
Goodbye Delilah, also known as Lilah Bear, Lilah Belle, and "footstool"! We love you."
Bobbie Longe
Ocean Springs, MS   
Duey Boy
July 4,2004-February 22,2013
"We got Duey Boy and his Grandma in Shreveport, LA when he was 3 months old...
he was just a little thing...loved to chew anything he'd get his teeth on...
as he grew he had the cutesy overbite...he loved his toys..
he loved his vet Dr. Gantz...she helped to get him home the day he broke his 2nd hip..
oh we miss him so much...
we know he's waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge with our little ones...
so long for now "Little Man"...until we meet again...
we love you and miss you lots."
Sally & Gary Bradshaw
Gulfport, MS  
October 1,1997-September 10,2013
"Diamond we miss you so very much
and we know that you are at peace. 
We love you and miss you."
Kevin & Margie Randolph
Moss Point, MS 
October 25,2003-March 7,2014
"You were our Comedian, Protector and Snuggle Buddy. 
You were the reason 4 other Dobermans found a Forever Home.You rescued US more than once and there will NEVER be another DooDee! 
We LOVE YOU and time will drag until we can be with you again." 
Victoria Ozenghar
Gulfport, MS 

December 2,2005-April 21,2014
"Daisy was our little girl for 8 1/2 years; 
She was beautiful, loving, very loyal and smart; 
She was always there to comfort us, 
and watch over her little brother Snoopy; 
We will continue to love her with all our hearts; 
Her love was always unconditional even during her illness; 
Daisy-Mommy, Daddy and Snoopy will love 
and miss you all the days of our lives!

David & Arlene Sanderson
Gulfport, MS 
January 12,1982-August 13,2014
"In loving memory of my beloved horse "Deseree"
she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday, August 13,2014....
She was my horse for over 20 years...
She is still with me in heart....
R.I.P. my beautiful girl...
God called you Home where you are running free....
Missy Lucas
Biloxi, MS 
May 31,2005-July 20,2016
"We are going to miss your "Burr-burr' howl letting us know it's time for a snack!
Have fun playing with Princess."

Robert & Tina McGinty
Gulfport, MS 
April 12,2005-February 14,2017
"Such a special girl, 
she is so deeply missed.

Richard & Tracie Goss
Biloxi, MS 
Dixie Bee
July 27,2005-October 29,2018
"To sweet Dixie 
 You were the light of our lives for 13 plus years. 
You are sadly missed. 
We love you sweet girl. 
Rest in peace at Rainbow Bridge until we get there."

Harry and Marlene Brackett
Biloxi, MS 

Dennis Baker 
October 1, 2002-October 14,2019
"Dennis was a humane society lonely heart chihuahua at 10 years old.
I adopted him in 2012 to show him what true love is like.
He was scared and it took a lot of work on my part.
We became inseparable after a while.
I was able to show him seven years of nothing 
but love, warmth, and comfort.   
Dennis was 17 years old.
I'll miss you, Bunny. 
We were meant to have the time we had.
Thank you for trusting me and becoming my tiny shadow.

Emily Baker
Ocean Springs, MS 
Delilah "Lila" Leighton
November 2, 2009-August 9, 2019
"Lila, it is a shock to have lost you so suddenly. 
I will miss seeing you sit in the window, hearing your purrs and trills, feeling your headbutts, and having you sleep in my lap. 
You were the sweetest, gentlest giant ever, 
and I will miss you always." 

Christina Leighton
Gulfport, MS 
May 30,2005-August 10,2020
"My sweet Dottie.
Such a social animal. 
You always wanted to meet people, and other dogs. 
You did live a long life, and will be missed. 
Love you forever. 

Steve Hardy
Diamondhead, MS 
Dash Maxwell 
September 30,2010-May 6,2021
"The nicest Chihuahua in the world 
crossed the rainbow bridge this morning, 
and is sitting in my dad's lap again. 
Dash had not been himself for quite a while, 
and we decided that the kindest thing 
we could do was to let him go peacefully. 
We got Dash at 6 weeks old when I was a junior in high school. He was so small that we used a Christmas sock as a sweater. 
We are ready to be done with goodbyes."

Madge Colegrove and Brittanie Depew
Gulfport, MS 
October 3,2007-April 7,2021
"In loving memory of our "baby boy' Dexter. 
You brightened our days and snuggled us at night 
we miss your little paws walking across the floors 
and your precious little face looking at me for another treat. You will be cherished in our hearts forever. 

We love you baby boy. 

Glen and Julie Macuick 

Waveland, MS 
July 1, 2008 - July 19, 2023
"What a precious 15 years we had with you, 
our "pretty girlie"!
Even in your last days you would wag your tail and hobble over to see us when you heard us come in the door. 
You had Daddy wrapped around your little paw. 
You and Samson are together now. 
We love you so much and will miss you forever." 

Linda & Steve Meade

Biloxi, MS