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We Are Proud to Be Mississippi's First and Only Accredited Pet Crematory. 
It may surprise some people to know that, until fairly recently, there has been no set of standards governing best practices for the pet cremation industry. Furthermore, until recently,  there has been no accreditation process by which a pet crematory can be certified for adhering to the high quality standards. 

Given this it's perhaps not too surprising that stories of shady or even shameful practices surface on almost a regular basis. Reports of missed remains, mass burials, and worse continue to shock pet owners who are unfortunate enough to fall prey to this kind of practice. 

Would you trust sending our human child to just ANY day care provider? Of course not, so why would you be so trusting of just ANY pet crematory for your beloved's after care needs? 

We at A Pet's Memory have always considered that the respectful and dignified manner in how each beloved pet is treated and handled with the up most importance. 

So, when we learned of the importance of the IAOPCC accreditation program we knew that we wanted to be part of an elite group. A elite group that offers and adheres to the highest level of outstanding after care services.  
You see, we consider being accountable for maintaining high standards something that everyone in our line of work should do. 
You can imagine how proud that we were to find that we are the first and only pet cremation facility in the state of Mississippi and available to the Mobile, Alabama area. We earned this distinction by passing more than 240 standards! 

Pet parents and our veterinary partners who utilize our services can now feel even more reassured about the care that their deceased family member receives. 

Some think that it says a lot about who we are. We think it says more about how we love our animal friends.  It's all about dignity and respect at A Pet's Memory. After all, pets are family too!