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Pet Caskets 

A Pet's Memory offers an affordable, yet traditional way to lay your beloved pet to rest. 

Many people still choose to bury their pets in the yards of their private residences, and pet caskets give this tradition a personal touch. Pet caskets can also make pet burials a clean, sanitary ritual.    
The Hoegh Pet Casket is built for lasting durability and quality. All units are constructed of strong, high-impact styrene. The design and special sealant restrict seepage of water and the intrusion of air. Hoegh pet caskets are capable of serving as a Casket-Vault combination. 

The Hoegh Pet Casket Features: 
* No vault necessary 

* Air and Water-Resistant 

Care for your beloved pet with dignity and respect with our line of Hoegh Pet Caskets.   

* Available in 3 different sizes and 3 Finishes 

* Made of strong high-impact styrene 

*Self-Sealing Lid-Sealing Material Included

*Included a soft crepe covered bottom padding, pillow and a matching coverlet. 

* Hoegh industries is a pioneer of pet caskets, and has been producing a quality product since 1966 pet caskets. Made in the USA


Pet Size 

Small Dogs-
Large Cats
Pets up to 25 lbs. 

Pets up to 50 lbs. 
40 inch
Pets up to 90 lbs. 
*The Hoegh pet casket 
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A Pet's Memory Pet Funeral Home and Crematory. 

This is one of the finer pet caskets offered. The exterior is either blue or pink and the interior a slightly softer more pastel blue or pink trimmed in lace. 
This Very Impressive Pet Casket (VIP) is only available in the 24" size. 
This casket is a double wall configuration. It is constructed of strong, high-impact styrene. The design and special sealant will help with water-resistance. It is capable of serving as a casket-vault combination. 

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How to measure for a Pet Casket: 
The recommended way to size your beloved pet for a pet casket is to measure the length of the pet from tip of nose to the base of the tail for the length of the pet casket, and then measure from the back of the pet to the area where the leg bends (knee joint) of the pet. These measurements would be the bare minimum pet casket size you would need. You should always add a few inches to your measurements to be safe. Your pet casket will come with a deluxe interior. Therefore you should add a couple of inches to the length and width to be able to accommodate your beloved pet.  
Casket Inside 
Interior Length
 24 inch
32 inch