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  Important Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Pet Crematory......
So that you know what type of facility that you would like to use and one that you know you can trust in your time of sorrow over the loss of a beloved pet, pet owners who are thinking of cremating a pet when the time comes would do well to know a few hallmarks and terminology of crematories. We list in this article, just to name a few of the things that a pet owner should look for when hiring a pet crematory. 
Q.  May I inspect the facility where my pet's aftercare will be performed? 

A.  Any pet crematory that happily invites customers to tour their facilities  is likely an extremely trustworthy outfit that is worthy of a contract.  

Q. If working directly with your veterinarian,  Ask for the telephone number for the facility that performs their cremation services. 

A. To protect yourself and the dignity of your beloved pet, pet owners would do well to make at least a telephone contact to the crematory facility to ask their procedures and policies for witnessed cremation. 
*Q. Will my beloved pet stay here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for his/her cremation service? What is the actual location to where my pet is taken for their final arrangements?

**A. Customers would do well to quiz the pet crematory owner/manager thouroughly about any reasons if they are told customers are not allowed to tour the crematory facility. Some companies come from other areas, for pick-up only once a week, which means your beloved pet is stored with other pets, in freezers. REMEMBER, YOUR BELOVED PET IS YOUR FAMILY MEMBER!!
Q. How long does it take to get my pet back? 

A. Any reputable pet crematory will be set up to offer same-day or next-day service. If a pet crematory is reluctant to offer fast service upon request, this could be a sign that the company performs mass cremations. 

Q. The most important question, How do I know that I am getting my pet back, if I do not attend ? 

 A. A good pet crematory will be happy to explain its procedures in this regard, customers should be on the lookout for a thorough procedure-one backed by a good safeguard to prevent human error. Questioning a pet crematory's identification policy is important in situations in which the pet's remains will be delivered back to veterinarian's office.  
Q. What is a pet crematories definition of  "Individual" cremation? 

A. Many crematories definition of an "Individual" cremation is more than one pet is placed in the crematory and cremated at the same time with some form of separation between pets such as trays, refractory bricks, or space. 

If you have been denied or refused any of the above questions, or you are not satisfied with a response, 
other options should be considered for you and your beloved pet.   
Please refer to our 
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Q. If I choose to not receive my pets remains back, will I be notified when the service has been complete? What will be done with my pets remains? 

A. Most caring pet crematories will send a letter to the pet owner once the service has been performed.  

Many rendering plants dispose of the animals remains on a daily basis. 
Q. If I leave my pet behind at the veterinarian to be picked up from a crematory service. What will my pet be transported in? 

A. Most dignified pet crematories should be driving clean, clearly marked vehicles. 

Not only for safety purposes, but it respectfully tells the community that 
you loved your cherished pet.