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Pre-Need Arrangements
Thinking about the time when our pets have to leave us is a difficult and emotional thought.

We offer a pre-need program that allows those wishing to plan during a time of calmness, not crisis. 

Pre-need planning allows you to enjoy the last years with your pet knowing that all arrangements about her/his aftercare have been made and the decisions made where not made during heartbroken and clouded times.  
Why plan ahead? 
Our pets through the years have depended upon us for care, love and medical care. At the end our their lives they also depend upon us to provide them with a meaningful and dignified way of aftercare. Through the years of total unconditional love and loyalty they do deserve the very best in return!  

Because alot of pet owners wait and dont want to think about the time that WILL come, hasty and uneducated decisions are often made during the time of crisis.   

Many pet owners who requested that others "Just take care of it" , sadly ended up with guilt afterwards of not knowing where exactly their beloved pet went for aftercare services because our human emotions were clouded with grief.

Waiting to make pre-arrangements can cost your family more money. Payment in full is required upon the time of need which may deplete your assets. Everyone can afford to make pre-arrangements it's just a matter of finding a plan that suits your needs. 

By starting pre-need arrangements you also lock into today's prices. Even if our services are not need for many years to come!  


Unfortunately accidents happen! Accidents and death does not discriminate it doesnt care between size, age, breed or type of pet. 


Many times our pets develop sudden illness and the expense of veterinary care can sometimes be overwelming. We can never forsee an illness occuring but the death of our pet will eventually happen and can never be side-stepped. 

How Can I Plan Ahead? 

It's easy! Just give our office a call. One trained staff members will be able to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. 
You may also fill out the form below and we will contact you back as soon as possible. 

Our beloved golden retriever, Molly, 
who we lost unexpectedly on 
December 16,2015. 
Due to cancer at the very young age
 of 7 years old. 
To get more information regarding our Pre-Need arrangements,
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**Pre-Need arrangements are only offered for private cremations only.** 
By making pre-arrangements this will be your 
final act of love and respect. 
Our pets are owed a true "thank you" 
for the years of love, companionship, loyalty and joy that your pet has given to you. 
We owe them the best when the time arrives.