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Common Questions 

Read our responses to the same questions, 
"Important Questions to Ask Before Choosing A Pet Crematory". 
We have added just a few more Common Questions too. 

Q. May I inspect the pet crematory where my pet's aftercare will be performed? 
A. Yes, of course! We not only do we welcome you, but we encourage you to come and have dignified final moments with your beloved pet. A Pet's Memory was created with you the pet parent in our mind.   

Q. Are you available to come to our home, night or day, to pick up our pet and is there an additional charge for this? 
A. Our staff answers our phones up until 10:00 p.m. to answer any questions or concerns.  
Your beloved pet may be received from either your residence or veterinarian's office during business hours. We offer transportation from either your residence, during business hours (additional charges will apply & Based upon availability of staffing of driver's) or veterinarian's office, as a courtesy, or you may bring your pet directly to our facility (appointment required). 
Q. Will my pet stay here on the MS. Gulf Coast for his/her actual cremation service?
A. Yes, we at A Pets Memory Pet Funeral Home and Crematory are an on-site crematory. Our Mississippi pets do not leave the state line, unless other arrangements are made.  
We are located at 1520 28th Street, Gulfport, MS 39501. Contact Us at. 
Q, How long does it take to get my pet back? 
A. Our standard turn around is 24 hours. Our goal is to preform the cremation the same day your pet is picked up, so you will not have to wait days or weeks to get your pet back home or you are welcome to wait while the services are being completed. 
Q. How do I know that I am getting my pet back? 

A. We understand how important that it is to pet parents and we ensure your piece of mind with a special tracking system. 
We do not remove a pet from a residence or veterinarian clinic without our identification tag affixed to your pet. Once your pet is received at our facility, your pet is assigned a metal identification tag/number. Both tags will stay with your pet throughout the entire process. You will find that ID tag in your pet's cremated remains when they are returned to you. 
We also utilize a cremation log, which documents the entire Pets name, pet's weight, ID number, time cremation began and time cremation was finished and which unit was used.    
Q. What are the different types and definitions of cremations? 

A. According to the cremation standards and the IOAPCC's official guide of standard terms & definitions: 

Private Cremation is when only one pet is placed in the crematory and cremated, with the cremated remains returned to the client.   

Communal Cremation is when several pets are cremated at one time, with no regard for keeping pets separated. This process allows for the comingling of cremated remains. No cremated remains are returned to the client.  The ashes will be scattered on private land, without owner participation.       

Q. If I choose a communal cremation for my pet, what will be done with my pets remains?  
A. The ashes will be scattered on private land, without owner participation. 

Ever October we host a Blessing of the Animals ceremony, at that time you are welcome to bring a picture of your beloved pet for special prayers and blessings.  

Q. Do you require me to put my pet in a bag or something other container? 

 A. When we arrive at your residence we will gently and respectfully place your beloved pet in a body bag.  The bodies of our beloved friends are placed in body bags to contain the body and only the body of your pet. This procedure keeps your dear pet clean and separate from any other pets while in our care. 
Q. Can you pick up my pet from any vet or animal hospital? 

A. Yes, we can always pick up your pet from any hospital. It is your decision who handles the remains of your pet and who is to provide the cremation services. Even though a clinic may offer cremation services through another pet crematory, remember this is YOUR PET for you to make the choice as to who you want to perform your pets aftercare services. 

Q. How is my pet transported to your facility? 

A. A Pets Memory uses a clearly marked vehicle, that displays "Aftercare With Respect and Dignity, because Pets Are Family too". 
We use a professional pet cot to load and unload your beloved pet. 
Q. Does my pet have to be placed in a casket in order to be cremated? 

A. No. Caskets are not necessary or mandatory at our facility. Actually, we prefer not to cremate caskets. 
Q. How do I know that you are on the level, this sounds too good to be true? Are you a member of any nationally known organizations? 

A. Yes! We are a proud member of the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories, and adhere strictly to their code of ethics.  

We are also proud members of The Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement.  The APLB is a compassionate non-profit organization of trained volunteers, dedicated to helping people during this special kind of bereavement.  The APLB, free of charge, host 2 hour chat sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday nights from 7PM-9PM, Central time for anybody seeking pet loss support. www.aplb.org

Q. What exactly is cremation? 
A. Cremation is the process of reducing pet's remains through exposure to intense heat. Through heat and vaporization, the remains are reduced to the body's basic elements in the form of bone fragment.  

During the cremation process, your pet is gently laid on the hearth of the crematory, and the door is shut. The door remains shut until the cremation is complete. Cremation of a 75 pound pet takes 1 hour or more. When the process is complete, the cremains are gathered and handled with care as they are processed. 

Your pet's cremains are then placed into an urn and packaged for return to the family if Private cremation is chosen. We offer two options of our standard urns or upgradeable urns are available for purchase. 
Q. Are you compliant with all required state permits? 
A. YES! The State of Mississippi requires permits (public records) for each piece of equipment in use at the facility. We are permitted and approved by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality.  
We are proud members of the 
MS Coast Chamber of Commerce