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Pets are family too!!!
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Our Services 

A Pet's Memory  Pet Funeral Home and Crematory understands the emotional anguish the loss of a beloved pet can bring. We are able to provide you with the same services afforded at human funeral homes. However, you wish to honor the passing of your faithful friend, and whatever arrangements you wish to make in the handling of the body, we can meet your needs offering the same compassion and dignity given to any family member.  
Our Standard Services Include*:
Also at A Pet's Memory Pet Funeral Home and Crematory, your pet is not a number to us, your pet is a member of the family. 

As a parent parent and pet lover, you can be rest assured knowing that A Pet's Memory Pet Funeral Home and Crematory is certified and able to meet your needs. 

Pet parents are always welcome to bring their beloved pet directly to our Funeral Home. 

Transportation of your pet from your Veterinarian's office to our Funeral Home.  (Local Vets only)

Personalized tag tracking system for all Private Pet Cremations under MS State Standards. 

A lovely wooden urn and secure placement of your pet's remains. (See picture below)

Authenticated Certificate of Cremation

Grief support information for you and your family; including special information for children on pet death.

Fur Clipping of your beloved pet. However, this is sometimes not possible. 

*Cremation prices are based upon the weight of your pet and the type of service requested.  See our Q/A page for types of cremations and definitions.  
Other Benefits We offer:
"Viewing Room"- For the comfort of our pet parents, we have an established viewing room for those wishing to have last moments with their beloved pet.  

"Memorial Products"- A large selection of pet urns and other memorial products, including ceramic paw prints, jewelry, markers and grief support information. Online Shopping, click here

"Pet Caskets"- We offer respectful and dignified, yet  reasonable priced pet caskets for those preferring home burial options. See our Pet Casket page for more information. 

"Pre-Arrangement Program- For those wishing for advance preparation. Call our office for more information.  

Ceramic paw prints are available also. This is your beloved pets actual foot print prior to cremation. Keep a lasting keepsake.   
A Pets Memory Pet Funeral Home and Crematory 
is available to assist you and your family. 
All that is needed is a call to us at (228) 863-7389. 
Allow our family to take good care of your family, because 
Pets are family too!!  
Walnut Wooden Urn 
We also offer 18 different styles of pet sympathy cards.  These cards are a great way to recognize a friend, family member or co-worker who has lost a beloved pet. 
We offer the walnut wooden urn which is included in with the affordable cost of cremation service of your beloved pet. 
**After Hours Emergency **
Home removal is not available after hours, weekends or holidays. 

A staff member is on call to help with your needs.  

**Pick-up/Transportation **
******After hour, holiday or weekend emergencies arrangements can be made to receive your beloved pet directly at our facility, by appointment.******  


If you have had a loss late at night, over the weekend or a holiday, you may  wrap  your beloved pet in a beach towel, blanket or a sheet.If your home's utility room or spare bathroom has ceramic tile, the cool of the floor will help keep them cool until they can be brought directly to our facility the next business day or call us now at 863-7389 for further information.    
We offer several styles of pet print memorial jewelry. The sterling silver precious metal charms have your pet's noseprint or pawprint etched into the metal surface creating a 3 dimensional mark. The engraving is thermally fused onto the pendant surface (not etched into metal; 2 dimensional mark). Or choose between ash holding pendants or non-ash holding pendants. Ash holding pet print pendants are designed with a small chamber inside to hold a tiny portion of the ashes while non-ash holding pet print pendants are a simple, flat charm design. Please see our jewelry page for selections.